So day one we drop the cats off at the Cattery and drive four hours to the lakes. Get Here at two so had a look around winderemere and grabbed leaflets as we had no idea what we wanted to do!

Alan is fufilling a promise made in the first year of our relationship he takes me to the lakes!!

Yesterday watched a couple of movies after exploring the area we are in for the week. Walked miles to
Find a shop to this morning find one around the corner! Today is wet so went on a cruise to an aquriem. The cottage appartment thing is lovely. Although a bit low in belongs for alan!!!

So so far having a wet holiday. How's everyone else?

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Having a weekend in Leeds with Emmy craig and James. Slepted in the front room on the air bed and got air bed sickness! Alan moved I was raised up and down and so have spent today being asleep or being a bit grumpy!!

But we have played games lots of magic and hopefully all had fun. Even emmy who has ME and so has slepted lots.

The tradtion of a bank hol in may is in tact. Soon to go home! Where my own bed will be calling me

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Is now damson wine colour. I couldn't stand the highlights growing out any longer and alan said well I've seen you with brown hair now do what you want!!!

(when we met I had gone red head as me and my then housemate was bored!)

June for hols is really close. Can't wait to be In a cottage with Alan.

Guild is going ok we are looking at the lich king. But the sign up
Sheet is so confusing for raids. But still a lovely bunch. Hydra is now a real friends guild and everyone has their own tab in the guild bank!!!

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Three kingdoms

So first time playing erienne this weekend in a few years. It was fun instead of being pushed into fights I could hide!!!!

Personnel plot not been used yet but hey it was fun watching others come alive

I love this system part from the welsh location so too expensive for us every month But i would recommend it the fact a small system it has that personal touch and everyone is lovely

So Sharon as a fighter sucks Sharon being able to hide and heal wins.

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Freedom writers

Wow an ok film but the wow factor comes in as it's a real story.

It's about s teacher that has grand ideas of how to teach kids in a gang war zone school. Half the kids are tagged. All aren't expected to graduate. Let alone live that long. All are said not to be able to read what's the point in teaching them

The teacher grows with them and learns shocking horrible things these kids saw in the nineties. And teaches them what they have in common. Only one kid had heard of the holecauast. One. All of them had been shot at and have least lost one friend to gang violance.

They wrote a book. And it was made a film. Which film 4 showed. Which I watched.

These kids related to Anne frank and a lass that grew up in Bosnia in the war. They got people that knew them to come to their school

I was in awe. I was impressed and would recommend it to all. Makes my life seem tame even though I saw some of the violance these kids or now adults saw

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