Huuggs (huuggs) wrote,

So the weekend

I saw my mum and I think I saw Paul. But he as usual stayed in his room. I saw dave sat night.

I went to Salisbury with my mum and had great fun there. But trying to fun Catherine street was funny as all we had was google maps. But at least we had that!!

But it was nice to talk and wonder about with her. Then we went to see the oldies. Nina is awesomely well and is the healthiest old person in the family tree. My grandfather had no idea who I was. That upset me a small bit but then he has dementia it ain't getting better.

Sunday saw j and Kate and it was lovely to see them but I left them to drive home. I don't sleep well when I'm not with that husband of mine and sleeping on a broken old bed nite one managed it was shattered nite two ended up on the couch.

So on the drive home I ate sugar and stuff to stay awake and now now I crash from it all. So sent myself home and now I curl up watch narnia.

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